If you think that MUD2 may be a game for you to play, you are invited to try the game as a "guest". Note: your computer must have a "telnet" program installed for this link to work. Windows has a standard telnet application, but it is not installed by default; it must be enabled through the Control Panel.

So you've been to the Land and it's interesting. Why not open your very own account? You can do so with no obligation, and it's free.

Click here to play the game.

The ultimate goal for many MUD2 players is to reach the level of immortality, and become a nearly omnipotent wizard or witch in the game. Unfortunately there are no easy instructions about how to achieve this result: what you need is persistence, the ability to solve tough puzzles, to survive attacks from fellow players who are after your points or belongings, and eventually, to gain the 204,800 points needed to achieve immortal level.