Note: if your question is related to the game proper, you are probably best off visiting the Library. This page contains a few frequently asked questions about the site.

About MUD2.COM

Who owns MUD2.COM?
MUD2.COM is an independent site, owned and operated by Viktor T. Toth, a resident of Canada and a long-time MUD player.
Where is MUD2.COM?
Physically, MUD2.COM is located in the home office of Viktor T. Toth, in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.
Who owns MUD2?
The rights to the MUD2 software are the property of Multi-User Entertainment Limited.

Subscriptions and Payment

What? You want me to PAY for this stupid game?
Not anymore! As of November 15, 2006, MUD2.COM is available free of charge. (Actually, it is gradually being switched to free access between November 1 and November 15.)
I have read your Terms and Conditions and I find item X unacceptable. Shall I cancel my subscription right now?
Not necessarily! If you let us know what your concern is (send mail to I may be able to fix the problem. It shall be no big secret that we're learning, too, as we go along; nothing is cast in stone and if you bring a problem to our attention, we'll do our best to accommodate your objection.

Connecting to MUD2

What is the IP address for
At present, the IP address is However, note that the IP address may change without notice. If at all possible, use the symbolic address when connecting to the game.
Is there an alternate IP address that I can use?
Yes: try (the numeric address is subject to change.) This is an alternate, cable-modem connection to the MUD2 server.
What is the port number for
The port number is the nonstandard port number 27723.


What the heck is telnet?
Telnet is one of the many Internet protocols; this one allows you to "log on" to a remote computer and execute text commands interactively.
Do I need to use telnet?
Unfortunately yes. Our beautiful Java-based front-end program has become obsolete, now that Java support in browsers has been discontinued.
Where can I get a telnet program?
Chances are you already got one: Windows has a built-in telnet program. However, it is not installed by default: it is a Windows component that must be enabled through the Control Panel.

Connection Problems

I experience severe lag. Is there anything I can do to improve my connection?
Perhaps. Does the lag affect all Internet activity (not just MUD2?) Shutting down, or minimising other applications while playing MUD2 may improve your connection. One America OnLine user reports that minimising the AOL window while playing resulted in a noticeable improvement. Applications that transfer data in the background (including Web pages with changing adbars, channels, and such) can also hog your modem and disrupt an interactive connection. Lastly, you may be able to find advice on the Internet about fine-tuning PPP connection settings.
I experience severe lag. Is it because has insufficient bandwidth?
Our site is connected via a 3Mbit/640kbit ADSL connection directly to WorldCom Canada's high-speed backbone network. Most of the time, the router reports a bandwidth utilisation that's just a few percent above zero. I use the same connection myself for Web browsing as well as maintaining interactive sessions with several remote hosts, so when there is an actual bandwidth problem, I am often the first to notice.
I experience severe lag. Can you help me?
Perhaps. I can certainly help you pinpoint the cause of the lag. It may be your ISP, it may be an Internet router somewhere between your provider and mine. You can use this information when requesting assistance from your ISP.
I experience severe lag, and it's not the first time; it always happens around 4AM Eastern. Why?
WorldCom Canada regularly schedules maintenance for (and sometimes performs unscheduled maintenance at) 4AM Eastern. Look for notifications when you log on to the game; sometimes, we do get sufficient warning ahead of time! Another reason for lag around this time could be the system backup process that copies all important files from the MUD2 server to another computer once every 24 hours.
Can you help me find a good ISP?
Yes, but no guarantees. I can assist by verifying the speed of the connection to a particular provider at different times of the day. Whether you actually get the same performance from your end is always an open question, as is the quality of service you receive from the new provider.
I connect from CompuServe and I have difficulty logging in. Can you fix it?
Unfortunately, no. CompuServe's telnet has this problem with a number of telnet sites throughout the Internet. Symptoms include an extremely long wait time (several minutes) before you get the login prompt or failure to connect altogether. Note that this affects you only if you're using CompuServe's GO TELNET page; if you use CompuServe as your Internet Service Provider and utilize your own telnet program, you should have no difficulty playing.
I am trying to ping and I get no response. Is your site down?
Probably not. Due to abuse, it has become necessary to block incoming ping attempts to hosts behind our firewall.

More Questions?

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer for on our Web site, please don't hesitate to send us e-mail at