MUD2 is a text game. To access the game, a so-called "telnet" program must run on your computer that allows interactive text communication with a remote server. There are several such programs in existence, including programs that are shipped as standard components of Windows. Unfortunately, telnet is not installed by default; it is a Windows component that must be enabled through the Control Panel.

Please note that guest logins are currently disabled. Thank an overzealous supporter of our overseas, ahem, "competition" who used the guest login in an attempt to sabotage our game. There is not much point in playing as a guest anyhow, since regular playing accounts are free to all.

You can try MUD2 without opening an account, by entering the game as a guest. Remember to log in using the username mudguest. This page is here to assist you in finding the best method for connecting to the game. If you already have an account at MUD2.COM, you may want to visit our How To Play page.

Tours: MUD2 offers a feature to help new users explore the game. After you successfully entered the game and you are in the Elizabethan tearoom, type TOURS for further instructions.

Important: if you are connecting through a corporate firewall, or if your browser is configured to use a "proxy server", not all these access methods may work for you. If the Java-based Front-End fails to connect, try to connect using the plain telnet method. If that method also fails, it may be necessary to request assistance from your network administrator before you can connect to the game.