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The official newsletter of MUD2.COM
Volume III, Issue II - June, 2001

Editors: Tobias & Hawumph
Contributing staff: Beauty, Clare, Hawumph, Pugsley,
Shalimar, Tabitha, Tethys, Judy Tracy, Viktor


Editorial: Volume III, issue II

Events: Bombow's Sixth Challenge

Ranking: Top Rogues

Biographies: from Clare and Shalimar

Feature: A Quiet Day Out In A Country by Hawumph

Feature: THAT Dublin '99 MUDmeet Quiz

Feature: Richard Von Bartle by Tethys

Feature: Suicide is rewarded by Pugsley

History: "Valetant, the Legend" by Judith Tracy

Newbie Viewpoint: "Views of a Newbie" by Beauty

Sysop@mud2.com: It's Been a Long Time by Viktor

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