Rank The Rogues

Here you can find the list of those personae who are considered, by some, to be the most despicable rogues in The Land! We've applied a subtle twist, though. Through the trickeries of unspeakable magic, Admiral Bombow's Chronicles has been able to find a more *revealing* ranking of these rascals...

In the Rogues Gallery a high total reward might disguise dozens of tiny contributing contracts, whereas a relatively low reward could, in fact, result from a single much larger contract. We cock-a-snoot at the value of the total "REWARD:" listed within the pages of the Rogues Gallery. Instead, ABC will Rank The Rogues by the number of beasts who have contributed to their total Gallery-listed reward.

The further towards the top of our list you see a Rogue, the more of his fellow players have been prepared to spend hard-earned points to see the rascal finished!

If you're not familiar with The Land's system of contracts and rewards, try HELP CONTRACT while playing in the game.

                     ROGUES GALLERY
 BEING a list of the most NOTORIOUS criminals in The Land.
 WANTED: Lanfear        REWARD: 23,467 points   BY: 14 players
 WANTED: Damned         REWARD: 22,648 points   BY: 6 players
 WANTED: Client         REWARD: 20,140 points   BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Kato           REWARD: 12,000 points   BY: 1 players
 WANTED: Sirkilalot     REWARD: 11,773 points   BY: 5 players
 WANTED: Kelly          REWARD: 2,587 points    BY: 2 players
 WANTED: Beermug        REWARD: 2,000 points    BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Hectic         REWARD: 1,218 points    BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Jihad          REWARD: 1,000 points    BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Ookrio         REWARD: 1,000 points    BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Granny         REWARD: 1,000 points    BY: 1 player
 WANTED: Angelmist      REWARD: 386 points      BY: 1 player


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