THAT Dublin '99 MUDmeet Quiz

HAVING won Tobias' improvised late night MUD2 mini-quiz at the Edinburgh '98 MUDmeet, Hawumph was collared by Grumpy to devise a Pub Quiz to warm up the meet in Dublin. Hawumph proved a formidable Quiz Master. His humour and tricky questions, combined with the freely flowing Guinness, kicked off the meet.

To realise the full flavour of the quiz, please consume several pints of Guinness, then attempt to answer WITHOUT the benefit of notes. You may however confer with others.

[Rather than scan an original quiz paper, the questions below have been re-typed in attempt at making this page printer-friendly...]

MUD Trivia

  1. Where or when do you see the message "No, Tarzan not in jungle now, Tarzan in Land. Tarzan go back to treehouse."
  2. Where in Mud 2 is there a reference to Mud 1
  3. For you, treasure is worth 132% of its minimum value. A shiny, new-looking penny dated 1891 has been placed here. What is it worth?
  4. What is the name of the ring you cannot wear?
  5. How many leather items are there in the game, and name them.

Mobiles - their descriptions and their movements

In each case, a word describing the mobile, and a word describing its movement, has been removed. Simply fill in the blanks.

  1. Before you stands a [ B L A N K ] ram.

    The ram [ B L A N K ] off.

  2. A [ B L A N K ] zombie (zombie0) stands in your way!

    The zombie0 [ B L A N K ] itself off.

  3. An [ B L A N K ], black rat (rat5) bares its razor-sharp incisors at you.

    The rat5 [ B L A N K ] off.

  4. A [ B L A N K ] mouse squeaks on the floor nearby.

    The mouse [ B L A N K ] off.

  5. A [ B L A N K ] ox lumbers past nearby.

    The ox [ B L A N K ] away.

  6. A slightly [ B L A N K ] old man is standing here.

    The man [ B L A N K ] off.

Wizards, Witches and Gravestones

Below is a list of some current gravestones from and the wiz epitaphs. Some give a name, some a name and title (tip - its going to be Wizard, Witch or Arch Wizard!), and some name, common prefix, and perhaps title?. Please provide the missing details, which can be of the form (ps this isnt one of the answers!)

1. Crysania
2. Crysania the Witch
3. Crysania the ruby-eyed Witch
4. Boris the mad Witch

Scoring - 3 points for a fully correct answer, 2 if 1 detail is either omitted or an extra added, 1 if 2 details are omitted or added, 0 for a fully incorrect answer. Thus, to use the real epitaph for our example, which is (though not from

Standing here is the tomb of Crysania the witch, inscribed: "Her trials are over, she had completed the test. Quithain Magus.".

Points for answers. 2 points for the first, only the witch is missing. 3 points for the second, its perfect. 2 points for the third, an extra prefix crept in there. And 1 point for answer 4, after all the title is correct if a wild guess <g>.

  1. A small, lichen covered headstone marks this unkempt grave. You can just make out a carving of a rose and the words "[ B L A N K ], Christmas 98"
  2. Inscribed on a modestly austere tombstone here is the name, [ B L A N K ]
  3. The ashes of [ B L A N K ] are scattered in an odd pattern here.
  4. Towering before you stands the beheaded memorial of [ B L A N K ]
  5. Here lies [ B L A N K ]. She died with no blood on her hands.
  6. You have stumbled upon the tombstone of [ B L A N K ]. Inscribed is the warning "Some-times the dragon wins." You feel cold chills move up your spine.
  7. A standing stone marked with sinister Ogham writing lurks coldly over the resting place of [ B L A N K ]
  8. Inscribed on a small black tombstone here are these words, "My Quest fulfilled, my mortal life stilled. [ B L A N K ] R.I.P."
  9. A bleak vision rises in your mind; In a misty graveyard, in a hidden vault; [ B L A N K ], sleeping on the shores of hell.
  10. You encounter the final resting place of [ B L A N K ]. Chiselled on the plain granite tombstone is the enigmatic phrase "Draggy West!"
  11. A cracked ceramic tombstone stands here, marking the grave of [ B L A N K ]. Upon it are carved the words: "Thief: 1, [ B L A N K ]: 17,003 and counting"
  12. A solitary daffodil decorates this beautifully tended plot. The simple legend, carved into an otherwise plain headstone, reads "[ B L A N K ], June 97".
  13. Towering above you is the blood-stained tombstone of [ B L A N K ], covered in the black accoutrements of demon lore and inscribed: "Till death do us part".
  14. Before you stands a large marble likeness of [ B L A N K ]. Inscribed upon its base are the words: "Live by the sword, die by the sword".
  15. A single V here marks the grave of [ B L A N K ]
  16. You discover the granite menhir bearing the final testimony of [ B L A N K ]: "Fas est et ab hoste doceri"

    BONUS - What does the Latin mean, and who was it written by? 5 points for the Latin, 1 for who by!

Wizards, Witches and Gravestones
A list for those that need one!

1. ROY
7. Offugo
10. Pasht
13. Zedd
16. Tabitha
19. Mudguard
22. Dalamar
25. Fodrules
28. Kyric
31. Galahad
34. Gromit
37. Ishmael
40. Boggy
2. RICHARD (Polly)
5. Sundaze
8. Runeblade
11. Innocent
14. Starfire
17. Mistress
20. Cat
23. Jillithe
26. Panther
29. Homer
32. Grumpy
35. Ender (Crab)
38. Mithriel
41. Keyser
6. Django
9. Macleod
12. Pugsley
15. Trefle
18. Starquest
21. Hester
24. Sepultura
27. Tobias
30. Poppabob
33. Inferno
39. Florence
42. Dustbunny

What is written should be read!
Or - What is written on the following items?

  1. Streetsign
  2. Sampler
  3. Dishcloth
  4. Cardboard box0
  5. Cardboard box1
  6. Paperweight (this has 2 messages on it!)
  7. Abstract painting (just the text not the drawing)
  8. Cross
  9. Tomb room.
    Above you, a set of narrow stairs leads upwards out of the tomb. To the south is a scraped-out passage, above which is scrawled in crimson [ B L A N K ]

From A to B - know your Land!
Or - do you know it?

Starting from the first location, travelling in the directions given, you arrive where? Assume you are carrying nothing and all doors are open for you.

  1. Treacherous swamp -
  2. Ford across river - e.u.u.n.sw.w.w.w.w.w.
  3. Entrance to monastery - n.d.e.n.n.n.n.e.e.n.
  4. Fuming swamp -
  5. Ground floor of scriptorium -
  6. Headland - n.nw.nw.w.n.n.e.d


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