Bombow's Challenge

Bombow's Sixth Challenge

I, Admiral Bombow, challenge you to demonstrate your puzzle-solving skills with my sixth Challenge. Shown below is The Land's mausoleum, with some unusual puzzles on each tomb. I have placed some of my treasure inside each tomb, and to claim it, you simply need to supply the answer to the relevant puzzle.

As a clue, I can tell you that the answer to each puzzle can be found within The Land.

You are standing inside a piece of history, a mausoleum which is far more ancient than its weatherbeaten exterior would indicate. Within the circular walls are the tombs of many, their names and heraldic designs carved into the stones in a language which was dead before Atlantis sank. The easiest exit from this eerie window on the past is to the northwest. On the floor, however, is carved an inscription in an archaic predecessor of your own language, which looks readable. The floor and ceiling do not have entrances, but the tombs seem to. Written on the north tomb is: "carnelian, serpentine, agate, jasper, garnet, ?". Written on the west tomb is: "Beer store, Hold, Smugglers' cave, Beer store, Winerack, ?". Written on the south tomb is: "BTNC, BT, ROC, NR, ?". Written on the east tomb is: "n, ps, ys, wc, sm, he, ss, cs, gn, ?". Written on the southeast tomb is: "Are, The, Of, Dangerous, Beyond, To, East, ?". Written on the southwest tomb is: "farthing=LOT, halfpenny=LBY, shilling=AOW, doubloon=APO, sovereign=CTO, florin=?". Nothing is written on the northeast tomb.


Other regular events in the Land:

Mobile Bashes

During a mobile bash, participating mortals try to eliminate all the Land's mobiles. It isn't easy but a successful mobile bash can be worth many thousands of points to the lucky participants.

North American players: 9 PM Eastern every Wednesday

Overseas players: 4PM Eastern every Tuesday

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