MUDGUEST login is currently disabled. Thank an overly zealous supporter of our, ahem, overseas "competition" who used the MUDGUEST login to sabotage our site. Nice to know that my efforts to keep MUD2.COM alive for 21 years and counting are appreciated by our, ahem, "friends".

Congratulations to the Land's newest witch! It took nearly three years since Potato made wizard, but we have a new witch in our midst: Please say hello to Stella.

Congratulations to the Land's newest wiz, Potato. Nicely done!

The MUD2.COM Web site has now been moved to a content management system. If you notice anything odd, broken links for instance, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Advertisements on MUD2.COM, notably ads for online gaming sites, bring a little revenue that helps with keeping the site, and the game, up and running. I ask long-time players not to feel offended; it is thanks to the support of these advertisers that I can continue running MUD2 free of charge.

MUD2.COM is still alive and running, that is, when yours truly does not stupidly run a system upgrade without being mindful of maintaining compatibility with legacy 32-bit code (such as MUD2).

Just because we don't have any news does not mean MUD2.COM is dead. True, we have fewer players; nonetheless, the game is alive and well, and of course, free. Speaking of free, it is of course no secret that maintaining the game costs (a small amount of) money. This is why we began accepting advertising, including gaming/gambling links, on our front page. Hopefully, devoted MUD2 players will not take offence.

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