This is a plain English overview of our operating terms and conditions. A full version (lots of small print) is also available.

  • You pay (or don't pay, now that the game is free) to gain access to the game. Access tot he game will not guarantee points or levels.
  • Unruly behavior or cheating will result in punishment (e.g., loss of points or prolonged bouts in LIMBO) or banning.
  • MUD2 is not a democracy. Wizzes are absolute rulers. If you don’t like that, you have two choices: become a wiz yourself, or find another game.
  • Connecting via the Internet means suffering through the occasional (or chronic) lousy connection. I may help you find a decent provider, I may even restore some of your points under exceptional circumstances, but generally, you play at your own risk. If you have a problem, mail me about it.
  • In return for your money, I provide a service; but I am not liable as to what happens on the service. If you die to the dragon, that’s your problem. If another player calls you names or issues a real life threat, all I can do is to remove the offender from the game; otherwise, it is an issue between the two of you. No matter what happens to you and under any and all circumstances, my liability to you or anyone connected to you is limited to refunding your current monthly subscription fee. If you don’t like MUD2, you can leave, but no million-dollar lawsuits because you are allergic to dragon breath, please!
  • The rules are mine to make and mine to change. You are under no obligation to play here. Needless to say, I do not plan to make any rules offensive or unacceptable, because it is in my interest to see happy players, not grumbling ones. So if you see an obvious problem or unacceptable passage here, do let me know.
  • For current rates, see our Prices page. You can pay using PAYPAL, or you can prepay hourly subscriptions by mail. The price is subject to change with reasonable notice at my option. Prepaid plans will lock in the price.
  • Privacy is not guaranteed. Ask the wizzes about the SNOOP spell.
  • MUD2 is copyrighted, so are all the wonderful files written by Richard that are published here.