by Innocent the White Witch <smiles sweetly>


Happy Happy New Year! <loud raucous cheers!> <throws confetti *~*~*~*~*~*~*~>

It has been a wonderful year for MUD2. We have our new, permanent home in Canada with Viktor, the arch-wizard <blows a grateful kiss to Viktor>. Soon it will be time for the big anniversary party in this, the only international site for our beloved game. Tabitha the witch <hugs> and I are working on a special Scavenger Hunt for late January to celebrate. So sharpen up those 'dash around' macros and fill in the blanks on those maps, because you are going to love the fun not to mention the prizes for this very special event. Watch the main boards or this web site to get specific times.

There have been a few modifications and improvements to the Land this year (flee on 1 stamina and find out something new!! <wink>). The Dragon, sweet beastie that he is, was very sick this year, but with loving care from the wizzes of the Land, he is well now and once again has his "HAWUMPH" back, roaring for visitors to his island. Richard has been able to re-introduce the new areas (low forest and gated realm) with all the wonders we came to love in Iplay <gag>.

Many of the long time wizards and witches of great fame (and infamy!) have returned to MUD2, proving themselves worthy by doing a new wiz run in the true spirit of the game <smirk>. There are now 33 wizzes in the Land all busy trying to enhance <groan> the lives of the mortals!

We now have this great Web page thanks to Viktor and our Admiral Bombow Chronicles thanks to Starquest the emerald wizard, its founding father. Through these Internet venues, we are gaining in mortal numbers at a steady pace. We look forward to a wonderful 1998 with numerous mortals who will fill the Land with joy and sorrow alike <giggle>.

I know I speak for all of us when I say, we hope that 1998 will be even more wonderful than 1997. A number of immortals and even a few mortals have dreams and hopes for the New Year which might surprise you. I've been eavesdropping a bit <blush> and have overhead their New Year's Resolutions. Here's the list from my own personal notes <sneaky smile>...

Richard: "I resolve not to put more than 3 players' names in the list of guaranteed touchstone failures at any one time."
Viktor: "I shall resolve to spend more time with wizzes next year to make sure they learn how to aim their FOD fingers properly!"
Gromit: "I resolve to stop crashing the game <g>."
Django: "I resolve to tolerate discussions about colours in MUD2 with a bit less disgust! :)"
Tobias: "I resolve to take more hot tubs with the witches!"
Homer: "I resolve to make no more new year's resolutions, because I always break them anyways!"
Zedd: "I resolve to stop breaking promises to witches...! :-)"
Sepultura: "No!"
Fodrules: "I resolve to FOD more mortals!"
Starquest: "I resolve to limit FODs to one per day!"
Starfire: "I resolve not to cut my hair during 1998."
Tabitha: "I resolve to feel guilty for not having a New Year's Resolution!"

Tethys: "I resolve to make mage in 1998 <g>."
Pepper: "I resolves to stop being so nice and helpful next year, and get down to some real nasty playing."
Belgarath: "I resolve never to leave the tea room without the amulet!"
Daktulos: "I resolve never to play drunk again!"

....and my New Year's resolution see a grin on every player's face at least once every reset! <smile>

See you in the Land! <blows a happy new year kiss>