A Clew for the New

by Tobias the wizard

The installation of a new version of the MUD2 database is often accompanied by a special hum of excitement in The Land. For a short time, arch-wizzes stoically wait for the unexpected, while wizzes devise ingenious, fresh ways to tease and tantalise the mortals, whom themselves discover new Treasure, approach each mobile with unusual caution and contemplate previously unseen conundrums.

Since the previous issue of Admiral Bombow's Chronicles two new versions of the MUD2 database have been made available to players at mud2.com. Together they contain over 480 changes influencing play in The Land. The most recent version of the database, already subjected to a significant amount of play, uh-hum, beta testing, is known as "4E(36)". The changes it contains have gained the approval of our archwizzes. We can now anticipate the aforementioned special hum of excitement while the wizzes wait for the first hapless mortals to venture from the tearoom.

Clearly I don't enjoy watching players bumbling about The Land (..!), making themselves look foolish and hurting one another, so I've prepared a number of hints as to some of the changes and updates you might expect to encounter. You may have come across a few of these already, while others apply only to the newest version of the database, 4E(36).

Watch out for the crocodile, the grizzly's hug, the wasp's sting and more danger besides. You needn't worry unduly though, as many of these (and other) new mobiles aren't likely to make an appearance in The Land unless there are sufficient of you to give them a good drubbing!

Now, take a restorative slurp of tea, put your best foot northwards and head into The Land. You might be wise to approach its inhabitants, treasures and puzzles with just a little extra care; you never know what might lie (or worse, be waiting!) around the next corner...

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