Tom's Diary

Once again, a mortal unearthed a treasure more valuable than the crown: a rare piece of the Land's history. This one may tell us a little bit more about that mysterious wreck of a galleon out in the west seas.

mmap2.jpg (50089 bytes)While looking around in the ship's hold, I came across a small, leather bound book. The first page was inscribed "This be the diary of Tom, the cabin boy". Many of the entries can only be described as dull - they complain of seasickness, and a lack of food. The last few entries may be of interest though...

March 10th
The lookout shouted down from the crows nest that he had sited land this morning. I am greatly pleased, perhaps we will be able to eat proper food once we reach this mysterious land. I am heartily sick of the cooks wafer biscuits, and we have no other food left aboard. I am almost tempted to try to catch one of the rats which live in the hold. I am sure there would be good eating on them - one of them is particularly fat. However they are very vicious, and they bite me whenever I go down to the hold.

March 11th
Land is visible from the deck now, we should arrive in a couple of days. Capn Viktor and the Mate seem greatly pleased with the ships progress.

Capn Viktor has gone on ahead, and left the Mate in command. (Capn Viktor is a very fine captain, but I think he possesses some strange and magical powers - he appears to be able to transport himself without the need for legs or boats).

Before he left, Capn Viktor gave the Mate a chart, and told him to study it well. Apparently there are rocks up ahead, and the waters are infested with man-eating sharks. Oh, how I long to be on dry land again!

March 12th
Today we ran aground. The Mate, it seems had been imbibing Capn Viktors best rum. Capn Viktor appeared, and he was greatly angered. He was so angered that he made the Mate violently disintegrate. I am pleased I am off cleaning duty - such a mess!

Capn Viktor put the chart in a frame and left it aboard the ship, as an warning to others who may pass by. He has stormed off now, leaving us to our fate.

March 13th
The rats have left the ship. I saw them swimming ashore this morning. They will find some other place to infest, I am sure of it. I have a plan of escape now too - after the rats had fled the hold, I went down there, and found a raft. I shall row ashore to the mainland, and make a new life for myself.

This is my last entry, as my raft is very heavy, and I cannot manage to carry my diary as well.


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