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Pugsley is one of MUD2's true oldtimers. The following is his Player of the Month biography, written sometime in 1989. I guess we know the answer to the question he asks at the end of this article: just type wizzes next time you're in the Land and check out number 11.

It was with great anticipation one hot summers day that Pugsley first arrived in the Land. He had heard many tales of this fabled place, and had decided that this wonderous and mysterious land could be the answer to a longing he had had for many years.

Full of awe and wonderment he wandered the land, taking in the breathtaking scenery and listening to the shouts and cries of the inhabitants. After a few hours of exploring he was sure that he was right to seek this land. The next day he continued his explorations and soon found one or two baubles that had some value. Hurrying to the mist-shrouded swamp, he deposited them as he had heard you should, and continued his explorations.

Soon he found himself outside the cottage and was confronted by three inhabitants in a surly mood. "Give me the falchion!" cried one by the name of Minty, "Or we will kill you!"
"What do you want that for?" asked Pugsley.
"Give it to me now!" was the reply.

I should say at this point that being a little green (long before being green was fashionable) he did not realise what the falchion was! The three surly inhabitants did not take to being ignored and before he realised what was happening, they fell upon him and inflicted most grievious harm to him. Pugsley did not know what to do! He was stunned by the suddenness and speed of the attack! He barely managed to gasp "What have I done?" before he saw the dreaded words before him for the first time .... You have died! ... Not updating persona!

With a deep sigh he soon entered the Land again, and to his amazement there was Minty and she was being kind to him! "Come with me she said, "We were bored and wanted some fun. I'll show you one or two things."

And thus Pugsley learnt his first lessons and did profit by them.

Soon he received the dreaded message fewer times, and learnt to avoid death (though unfortunately he found that some people were adept at hunting and killing the unwary) and slowly he achieved a small portion of the magical powers he had dreamed of.

Along the way he made many new friends (and a few enemies) and contributed much to the coffers of the great god B.T. who jealously guarded the gateway into the Land.

And as his quest nears its halfway mark, he wonders just where it will end, and will it be successful?


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