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MUD2 is viewed by many as a game of tough puzzles and vicious, egotistic killers, but perhaps not so surprisingly to its long-time players, the game can also be cradle to true romance. Often it's just a fleeting flirt but sometimes, it develops into a full-fledged relationship that may (we hope) last a lifetime. One such relationship is that of Angelmist and Crysania, who became married in June this year. This month's newsletter celebrates their marriage and through it, all the happy relationships that developed over the years at many MUD1 and MUD2 sites.

It is hard to believe our mud wedding was over a year go! HEY!!! Where is my anniversary present Potts? <hehehehe> I remember planning it with Potts, but he sure resisted in participating in that planning. Eddy helped me a great deal, I thought I was marrying him there for awhile <g>. Potts, however, had just one request and that was daisies. His signature mark from when he was the witch Crysania. Daisies were actually a big part of our wedding in real life.

I can still see the garden by the sea, the flowers and the waves crashing along the shores. The dolphins (or was it Willy the whale?) jumping up out of the water. The weather was wonderful with the bright sun shining high in the blue skies. It could not have been more beautiful!!!

We were married for real on June 13th, I was a nervous wreck all morning. It rained up until 45 minutes before our ceremony. I worried about my hair as it is long and curly and no bride wants to look like a foo-foo poodle. <g> However, the humidity won, and my hair was up. We were married upon the beach in a beautiful gazebo. That day waves did crash upon the shore!!! The sound was incredible! This was a dream come true for the both of us. We were married in a place where Potts first told me he loved me and later asked me to marry him. We were destined to begin our lives together there.

We had fewer guest at our ceremony on our wedding day then at our mud wedding. Our real life affair was much more intimate. Plus our guests were a lot less rambunctious. No, Tabitha whispering, "Is the bar open yet?" or Richard having to wipe the sweat off Potts's brow <g>. We wrote our own vows for the real wedding, Richard, however, picked the most appropriate words for our mud wedding. He performed the wedding with the utmost dignity and respect <snicker>. Our wedding was one big scroll on the screen that day, so I could barely read what was going on. I did manage to laugh the whole time. My wedding day was much the same at the ceremony, I had the giggles quite badly, something that I hadn't realized until I saw the video afterwards. My family had prayed that I would not go into a laughing fit. Our mud wedding was wonderful as it brought me closer to a man I loved very much, and I knew one day I would marry him in real life. He was not so convinced as I though. <g>

Many folks were against the wedding on mud, as it was not proper and did not do justice to the institution of marriage. We were mocking it. Also I did not earn the title Mrs. Potts for real. Potts moved my heart with his words, his humor and his fast typing <cackle>. For me the wedding brought me closer to him, the man I loved with all my spirit. The one thing that no online wedding could provided was us with was being in the same country for more than 2 weeks at a time, however in 2 weeks we will have been married for 2 months. We have over come many obstacles to be together. The best aspect of being married, is that I am with my best friend and my love for a lifetime. He is the last thing I see when I shut my eyes at night and the first when I open them. If it shall be I will love him more in death.

Lastly, on May 19th, for our MUD wedding, we received a wedding gift from two old MUD friends, Sherlock and Cherish. A wedding cake serving set. We proudly displayed the set to our guests, told them where we had received them, and then cut our wedding cake with it. I thank all of you for supporting us in the last year and a half. Thanks to mud our relationship grew stronger with each passing day.

Did Angel say "Lastly"? She should realise by now that I, Crysania (Potts) always has the last word :)

The MUD wedding could not have been a more appropriate event for us. Our relationship had grown in the land where dreams and fantasies run wild, and so it seemed ideal to share our emotions with the friends that we had made within this world. Many of these friends I have known personally since the Vax era, we have been through the good times as well as the bad, and it seemed only right that they should be able to share in my joy. It was just as nice to share this time with so many newer friends, such is the way of MUD that new friendships are always being moulded. I am always amazed how this creation infiltrates my life :)

The most wonderful part of our MUD wedding was the fact that it was a stepping stone into the real world. The immense love I have for my Angel breached the boundaries of a computer screen and stretched across the vast distance of the Atlantic Ocean. We are finally together, forever. In a land made of dreams and fantasies, let me tell you that dreams do indeed come true, if you let them.

Angelmist and Crysania

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