I would like to start off by telling you all that I really enjoyed the contest last month, and hope to make refinements to it the next time we run it, so watch out for it , possibly this fall.

I have talked to some of you about what the things in the game look like to you and asked you to tell me in some form, but have not received any yet but I'm hopeful I'll get some soon. In the meantime I would like to give you some idea of what various items in the game look like to me.

First let's start with a simple brand. In my vision of the Land a brand is a long-handled stick about the size of a broom stick in or about 1 inch across or so. It has an enlarged end and has been dipped in some sort of oil to make it burn, the old torch type item.

The dwarf folks are neat. These guys are real cutups. They are of course short, but have a size to them that seems to make them look very dangerous, much like a brick wall, you know. They wear old but clean cloth tied around their bodies, not the best seamstress I guess. The cloth is tied at various joints with leather strings made form the hides of rats, and they all have the most puzzling look on their faces, sort of a wide grin that is contagious after a while. All in all they aren't such bad fellows, if they would just take a trip to the spring for a bath a little more often. I do like the little hat they all wear, too, sort of a dunce cap with a brim. Fight the little guys and you will find they have a great skill at hitting low and biting you off at the knees. Oh yes, shoes, haven't noticed any of them wearing any at all so maybe they don't own shoes.

Well, what about your version? Close or way off, let me know.

I really have a lot to say but will save it for later. I think things should slow down over the summer for me and give me time to think more of what I want to use this soapbox for. Or I could ramble on forever but will save you the pain this time...

Hope to see you all in the game soon.


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