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Dear Miss Divine,

I had a very weird dream the other day and this is what happened in it. I woke up as usual, or so it seemed. There had been a loud rumble the other day that had been on the news. A cavern that had been closed for millions of years had opened up and let lose a prehistoric creature into Suffolk and I was worried and scared. Later that day I went shopping as usual and whilst I was walking home I heard a noise behind me. I froze, petrified of what I would see behind me. I turned around slowly and saw an Aero-dactal in the sky flying high. I panicked when it looked straight at me and started to fly in my direction. I ran like the clappers with the shopping until I got home safe, barely. Later still that day Reverence and I were out and walking down the road by my house and I heard the creature again. I froze again but Reverence kept on walking. I turned, looked and then ran dragging Reverence then pulled him into a bush with myself. With my heart racing I heard Reverence start to say, "Wh ..." I interrupted, "Shhhh ..." then the creature landed outside the bush, sniffing the floor and looking around, then flew off again. I ran home with Reverence and I was shaking in his loving arms. Then I woke up.


Dear Drucilla,

The meaning of this dream to me is as plain as your reverence for The Land.

I did a bit of investigation and confirmed what I had guessed from your dream. It's been a while since you've visited our part of the world known as 'The Land isn't it? - " A cavern that had been closed for millions of years …". Of course dreams should rarely be taken literally. The cavern is your portal to The Land, and "millions of years" is representative of a long time. This prehistoric creature you dream of is your embodiment of the game. The game has literally taken shape and come in search of you. What is puzzling is your fear of the creature. This dream highlights a need to delve deeper. Why did you leave The Land in the first place? What do you fear from it? Perhaps further dreams will enlighten you.

The game in the body of the prehistoric creature continues to follow you, and you continue to flee. Only part way through this chase do you actually turn round to face your fear. It is at this point that you name it, and a most curious name you give it! " Aero-dactal" - aero translates into air, and dactal into …? Of course it could be a local (to you) dialect of dactyl. You have formulated your image of the game into a winged-air-dactal - a powerful beast that gives chase.

At this point I have to bring up the shopping matter that has twice been 'mentioned' by your subconscious. Subconscious being the way they are have to bring in mundane and down to earth matters into dreams. I think in this case your subconscious is reminding you of your materialistic nature; perhaps you should keep a check on that.

The dream takes us onto later in that same day. This time you're with Reverence. The 'aero-dactal' is back but Reverence does not seem to be afraid of it. You take charge of the situation and force Reverence to run with you and you force him to hide with you. You even go as far as shutting him up when he tries to ask a question. I believe this is you trying to rebalance a dominance issue in your life. Perhaps you need to reassert yourself in a particular area of your life.

You successfully hide yourself and Reverence from the creature and it flies off. Your dream ends safely and romantically, but for how long? Your 'aero-dactal' is still out there somewhere. Why are you running from it? If it really represents the game why are you running? What are you afraid of? The game obviously still exerts a large pull in you for it to be so clearly and simply demonstrated in this dream.

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