Severina's Bash Reports
An event review by Severina

Welcome to my first bash report!

If you're new to Mud2 you'll be wondering what this bash stuff is about ... a Mobile Bash is one of several weekly events (others include Sorcerer Wars, Quests and so forth ...) which starts around 9pm [Quick Note here - that's 9PM GMT, & on that's Tuesdays, on that's Thursdays] . The aim is for players to team up to rid The Land of all its mobiles. Killing a mobile and surviving to the end of the reset gains you a massive 3000 points when the last one is killed! In-game you can keep a track on what's happening with QW (see who else is playing), SV (to find how many mobiles are left) and RESET (which tells you how much time is left). OBIT gives a list of players who've died and OBIT ME will tell you what you've killed.

Here's a few highlights of my reset ...

Severina's Bash Report from 7th March 2002

I turned up for the bash on time, fortunately not suffering from any lag. There was a few people in the Tearoom already and it was continuing to fill up slowly bit surely ...

*Turrican the sinister wizard says "bash bash bash".

Off into The Land ... After grabbing a few piece of kit, I started by going down the cellar to help kill off some rats with Isileth.

*Turrican the sinister wizard invites you to cast your vote for bash general, no silly votes please!.

A few moments later, we were invited to cast our vote for the Bash General, the vote ended up a tie between Isileth and Hobnoblin, with the title finally going to Isileth.

Soon after that I killed off a few of the surface mobiles (the goat, some insects and a few zombies), grabbed a phial and went off to the ruin to deal with the spider (why leave it 'til last?) At this point we were down to 125 mobiles.

The bash general called out for someone to do the bees, I headed over but Hobnoblin seemed to beaten me there, although one or two were still alive. After leaving the maze we were down to 100 mobiles.

I headed back swampward, killing a few more mobiles on the way and then putting an end to the banshee at the swamp. After that headed to the snowy mountains to do the snowbird and pony. Already we were down to 75 mobiles.

Already, we were now mainly down to the dwarfs, the keep, the evil wood inhabitants and a few roaming surface mobiles. Skeleton1 was next to go, Hobnoblin and I dealt with it at the river bank. Then it was over to the goblin realm to sort out a few goblins that had been missed out ...

There was about 50 mobiles left by now and 43 minutes left to dispose of them. So far so good ... Hobnoblin and Isileth teamed up together to take on the dwarfen citadel and I enlisted the help of Bloke to finish off the ghoul and old man. It wasn't long until we were down to 10 left in 21 minutes. The keep and a few others ... No problem right?? A team of about 5 met up at the mausaleom to smash the skeleton to bits, then ...

*Fruitbat the slaughtering wizard shouts "PAGODA OPENED NOW!!!!!".

A quick "who" revealed there was now at least 10 players on which had forced the great gate open!! NOOOO!!

I headed over to see who was doing the keep (which I had meant to do ages ago ;) Stealth seemed to have come on invisible and it looked like he'd decided to take on the keep by himself, but was totally unarmed! Fruitbat had also turned up to watch!! An unarmed warlock even in a bash was always going to be a target for some pk ... we got as far as the fourth floor before Stealth suffered the seemingly inevitable ambush. Aquiense the spellbinder attacked while we were doing the griffin with her rice flail. Stealth though managed to turn the fight, getting two flees from his opponent ...


*Auto-reset initiated, you have 520 seconds to finish up. No furtherwarnings will be issued!

Suddenly, the bash looked a bit tougher than it did a few minutes ago <g>. All of the remaining mobiles were in the Pagoda. By the time I had got there, Bloke, Hobnoblin, Isileth and Stealth had already taken out most of the remaining mobiles. There was just one left but what??

*You feel as if a tremendous evil has been rid from The Land! No pawns of darkness sully it with their presence. The relief of generations of souls floods through your being!(+3,000 = 38,587).

I'm not sure who ended up killing the final mobile after all that, but who cares <g>?

Congratulates go to Isileth for leading a successful bash and every one else who took part!

(Bash Total: 44 kills)

Another concise bash report follows ...

Severina's Bash Report from 21st March 2002

I turned up a little later than usual with it being 5 minutes into the bash. It seemed to be a bit of a poor turnout with initially just Raasclaart the superhero and Jana the warlock out in The land and a guest in the tearoom. Still, why be pessimistic - the bash must go on!

*A male voice in the distance shouts "ok lets get bashing!".

Most of the surface wafers and vials had been collected already. After grabbing a half decent weapon and disposing of a few zombies in the misty graveyard, I grabbed a phial and went off to do the spider early again. This time the spider wasn't going to lay down and die easily, and forced me to flee back into the dense forest. Nice to start the bash 2 thousand points down ;) By the time I'd recovered enough stamina, the spider had sneaked back into her lair.

Rassclaart had noticed I'd entered The Land and asked if I'd help him against the ram. After the kill I agreed to team up again later. I did a quick where spell on the spider and found she'd come back out to trap some other unwary player. I went back to finish her off, this time succeeding.

About ten or so minutes into the reset, a quick who showed that Kruger the sorcerer and Bloke the superhero had joined us, making 5 mortals in total ...

*Azrael the demonic wizard shouts "Who will be your bash general? You must decide! Decide now!".

The bash general vote went unanimously to Jana, with only one other nomination for Bloke.

*(Jana the bash-general warlock) shouts "why thank you <mutter>".

I teamed up again with Raasclaart who had gone down into the underground river to kill off the water-snakes. While he was recovering his stamina I went up to the snowy mountain to kill the snowbird and pony (but for some reason forgot about the pony!) I returned a minute later and helped with the rest of the snakes.

"Goblins next!" we thought after someone shouted they needed doing (killing the thief on-route) but when we got there we found the area had been cleared ages ago ... I went off alone for a bit to see off the rest of the surface mobiles still lurking around, I think Bloke, Kruger and Raasclaart joined up to do the keep at this point.

Despite being only 5 players the bash seemed to be going really well with the sv count dropping like mad. There were a few mobiles left around the keep area and olive groves (the hunchback, boar, piglet and a crow) that Raasclaart helped me finish off plus the ghoul (which Kruger had already started on ;) and an ape (which had somehow managed to get all the way down to the road!) We also went back to finish off the pony I'd forgot about earlier ...

*For your information: there are 10 mobiles still alive.

After a group of us had gathered at the mausoleum to summon and smash-up the skeleton, it wasn't long until the sv count was down to just 5. The golem and the sealife were all that remained. Again, teaming up with Raasclaart and Kruger we took up the meditation positions with Raasclaart going in to face the golem! Cheers soon filled The Land as the golem was slain and the 3000 pointts were ours! A few minutes later, we even managed a mortal reset albeit with 3 players left .

Congratulations to everyone who took part in what seemed like the fastest 5 player bash I've seen. (Sometimes it seems like bashes are easier with FEWER players on!!)


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